Do you have fifteen minutes to spare, umm I mean waste?

I love a store called Hema, which is like IKEA but more colourful and doesn't do much furniture.

Even though I've never been there in real life, sometimes if I need inspiration, or I'm just bored ( which i never have time for these days I've just realised as I'm typing this... is that a good thing? - I think so! ) I venture onto Hema - ( click to see their award winning animated home page! )

Click here if you want to view their products... they are oh so colourful,

They don't ship to the UK, so it's pointless that I go online to look at it... and I can't even understand the language so I randomly guess what the words mean.. I would LOVE it if Hema started doing international shipping....

It's so colourful, and inexpensive from what I see, in England if you were to find things like this in a shop they'd rip you off like nobody's business!

(Those cakes above look immense! )

Do you have any guilty pleasures aka  websites that you just can't help your self going onto, even if it frustrates you that they don't ship to the UK or where ever you live? Mr Green has promised me that in the near future we will go to Amsterdam so i can visit Hema & the Miffy Huis.

I wonder if I could fit this children's play supermarket trolley into my suitcase if we go? It's only 15,00Euro! Which is about £12.90.


  1. I love HEMA, I pick up hoards of their products every time visit my family in Holland. I also visited Dick Bruna Huis in Utrecht which was so inspiring! You should definitely go :)

  2. Aww Thanks for the comment Alice! I will definatly go soon! Can you recommend any other good stores in Holland I might like? Thanks!!

  3. There's a newsagents/stationery shop called Bruna (named after you know who) which is great for postcards and a fab shop in Amsterdam called Kitsch Kitchen for homewares. I usually visit secondhand shops and flea markets while I'm there too. If you decide to go I'll give you more details. x

  4. oooh i LOVE 2nd hand shops and flea markets! When you go, do you drive or fly?

    I just bet it would be my look I'd see something AMAZING for 2Euros and not be able to transport it home :(



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