Tots Bots Christmas nappies!

I wanted to do a really honest review of Tots Bots nappies, having only ever used one brand of nappies since my boys were born, I admit I was worried that they'd not stack up to the 75 nappies I'd been using for the last 8 months. However! HOW WRONG WAS I? I absolutely love them, they are the best nappies I've ever used! I love the fact that they have soft bamboo inside, rather than just normal fleece, and I love the fact the outer PU is so soft it's like satin!

The fit on our 7month old is really good, they've never leaked and now I always use these at night with a extra bamboo pad inside!

So i decided to treat our baby to some more....

 I went on to buy some of their others, A apple Pear print one, and  5 mushroom print ones.

buy them at!


  1. We love Tots Bots in our household too :)

  2. Do you still have these nappies? I'd really like to buy some but totsbots don't make them anymore (the Xmas prints). X


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