Orla Kiely Baby Play Mat

Sleeping on the unfinished quilt that's folded.

I decided that my new baby Boy needed a playmat, the ones I had seen were so unsuitable it was untrue.

They are so thin you can't get comfy playing on them...
They are all made out of unfriendly on skin fabrics....
They look hideous in a well planned room colourewise....
They wash badly.....

My quilt has the opposite to all above, it's Orla Kiely bed cotton, is thick and bouncy from the way i've quilted it, and it looks great in our Living room, not sure about the latter, as it needs Bias and i've not washed it yet!


  1. i love love love this!!

  2. i want this orla kiely room...its gorgeous, did you make your curtains or can you buy them somewhere? love your posts... :)

    1. I made them! I'm glad you like my blog, means alot! I'm gonna do a Orla K give away soon... x


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