Orla kiely bed linen review ( request)

Awsell as the bath towel request I received, I also was asked to do a review on the bed linen.

I have lots of the linen, Infact since getting my first set 2 years ago , it's the only bed linen brand we use in our house !

We have it on our kingsize& my 5 year old son Seth has the car print ones & our baby has sheets I made him( although we co sleep as he hates his crib) anyway ... I imagine you can see where this is going , review wise !

The colours are bright, and tend to last ok . Although I have found with my original grey large pear print where it has creased in the dryer or line the colour has disappeared in the crease line ! The newer sheets I have, haven't had this problem.

They are super soft & don't cause my partner problems as he has eczema issues.

They do dry fast.

The packaging is lovely!!

Heals have the new range too .

My top tip would be to keep a eye out on Achica as you can get 70% off the rrp.


  1. HI there, I see you have lots linen of Orla Kiely... You mention "They do dry fast" does that mean you use Tumble Dryer? Maybe low temperature you use? Do you find it difficult use ironing? I really want to buy O.K.bedding but I worrying cos they said its not suitable use T.dryer?!

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  5. Oh I LOVE Toast bed linen. I have a charcoal grey brushed cotton duvet cover and sheets set in UK. Quite my favourite for Winter. Have had it for about 5 years and it gets better and better. Don't iron it though!! Just the pillowcases! X

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