Orla kiely towel review ( request)

Im back !!!! Thanks for all the lovely emails & Facebook messages I've received whilst taking a short break from blogging !!!! I had a request via my Facebook page to do a review on my Orla kiely bath sheets & towels .

I LOVE Orla kiely as you may have already guessed .But I have mixed feelings on these Orla Keily towels.

The good things;
the colour lasts wash after wash,
the size is generous , ( the bath sheet is the largest towel I've ever owned)
they are super super soft .
They dry you really fast as there is so much fluffy pile . ( let's be honest that's what a towel is there for!)
they brighten any bathroom
They dry fast, either on the line or in a dryer .

The negitives :

The pile pulls, When I say that I really do mean easily . As you can see from the Orla kiely car towel , the pile has pulled lots ! I got the Velcro from my sons tots bots nappy caught on it in the bathroom & it pulled so much of the pile out !

That really is the only negitive , other than the addiction of wanting to only ever buy these towels!

They also remind me of the towels my great gran has for quality . She's had the same towels since the 60s .... As a little girl she would wrap me up in one singing " snug as a bug in a rug"

I would recommend ! The new line has just come out at Heals also , check that our here !


  1. Bought Orla Kiely Jacquard stem towels recently and am extremely disappointed with the quality. They are almost threadbare and do not absorb moisture well. I would like to add that I am a great fan of Orla's designs but I think she should review the quality of these products.

    I paid over €80 for two bath towels and one hand towel. For this money I expect top grade products.

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