Vintage st michaels apron

I was just looking for something and spotted my old apron which was my great grandmother's .

My great grandmother had so so many lively aprons when I was a little girl . Always really bright & simple patterns .


A treat for your ear drums. 

After listening to that Bon Iver song I posted a few days ago on repeat for an hour whilst i design a new print I thought I better change it before my Bose headphones explode with unhappiness....

After dinner talk

Baby boy with Dick Bruna board books. He chatters like crazy when he's reading them . Obviously it's a riveting story within those pictures !

adorkable- that's me.

Nerd. Dweeb. Geek.Dork.

These are what my partner so lovingly calls me. Well I'm adorkable gosh darn it.

While others maybe watching celeb's on YouTube I sit at home and watch the video below, of how a Eames chair is made. Yes , it's true. I especially love the part where they add the fibre glass, reminds me of candy-floss. Although, probably best not to eat it.

* Wish List *

Incase anyone's wondering what I'm wishing for, here it is...

baby boy

a list

You always hear the phrase 'Life's too short' , and man it is so darn true. :(

Last week my son's occupational therapist Cath died. We had met with her in October at school to discuss his needs due to his disability and I honestly didn't know anything was wrong with her. A week later my son's SENCO ( Special educational Needs Co-ordinator for those who are unfamiliar ) phoned me while I was in the car to say that she had had to leave her job as she had terminal Cancer. I was so so sad, and told my son's Senco not to worry too much as I knew of Ellie . ( Ellie is my cousin Matt's friend who's Blog I've been reading ever since my Aunt told me of Ellie's illness at 28. )

However, this Monday when greeting my boys through the front door after school the first thing my Mr Green said to me was, " Cath Died last week"

Only 8ish weeks ago, she was at work, living her life. How could this be?

So... I have decided to scrap my new years resolution of ' Managing Paperwork better.....' (which reminds me actually I need to send paperwork off tomorrow) and now have a To do list instead!

- Go to Disneyland Florida.
- Have a Sunday Night Dance-off everyweek to shake away those Monday-Morning-is-coming blues.
-Get a pet rabbit called Miffy
-Go to the Miffy Museum Amsterdam
- See my sweet baby boy walk
-Ride a Rollercoaster with bigger baby boy
- Go to the Circus
- Take lots of picnic food and meet up with ALL my family in the park
- Visit my friend Bert in London in the Summer.
- Hire a Hummer Limo for my bigger baby boy
-To feet and hand paintings in the Garden.
Engrave all our names into the Garden tree
Have a water fight
Go to Lego Land
Have the patience to build lego like Mr Green
Go camping with my boys
Go swimming with baby boy for the first time.
See my old Art teacher again
Visit my Boys Great Great Grandmother who is 90 this year and far away
Wear fun Halloween costumes & host a Party
Go Bowling & eat Candy Floss!
Go to Universal Studios so i can see Mr Green beam with excitement
Sew the boys a Teepee
Plan a snowy trip abroad
Go to the beach
Read Miffy books everyday to baby Boy ( he gets distracted!)
Take More photos'
Write more in the boys Daily dairies we keep
Let bigger baby boy choose a place on a map and we drive to it for fun ( could be interesting)
Go to the Safari park & kiss giraffes
See Manatees <3
Go sledging

Get engaged ;O)

... If I had a daughter ( Part Two )

I heard a thump at my front door, yesterday. It was the new Boden book ...... I love the kids clothes much more than the adults, although it's where I buy most of my clothes in the UK. I always LOVE the girls fabric prints..... And took a few snaps tonight of my favourite ones and loaded them below for you to admire... If you're lucky enough to have a daughter I suggest you check Boden out. Everytime I log on there (which I've done tonight now I have my specs- hence the lack of blogs) i always Sigh and say, If we had a daugher we'd be broke! As I love the clothing so much! Enjoy.........

PS. The boys clothing is also lovely, very very lovely infact... I adore the bretton stripes!

i'm getting old.

Today I got glasses from the opticians ... it's a end of a era.

Daily inspirations ....

Sorry for the lack of posting - ive been super busy working everyday ! Plus my 9 month old seems to have developed the appetite of a monster ..... But only at night !

Here's a few pics I just took of a vintage fisher price toy I love !

for my best friend Bert...

If you're a Bon Iver fan, Enjoy!!! I've only just discovered this, and I've loved Bon Iver for ooooh? 6 years!

Bert, I miss you. Everyday. xx

... If I had a daughter ( Part One)

I love being a Mother. I can tell you that I love being a Mother to boys for so so many reasons, I could sit here all morning, but to be honest the one thing that always crops up in my daily life is this phrase:

I find myself saying it ALL the time, without even realising, and also which is more frequent, making mental notes to myself of all the things I would Make/ Buy / Do if I had a daughter...

If I had a daughter I would sooooo buy her or make her a hat & coat set like this one, that is shown at the very start of 500 Days Of Summer...

I shall use this space to 'vent' what I'd make or buy If i were lucky enough to have a little girl.

Kitch @ Urban Outfitters

I popped onto Urban Outfitters just now to see what they had new for January, it's chocca of Kitch stuff... i like the JosephJoseph  chopping board best of all, I then ventured onto their site and found these...


From Zooey Deschanel at HelloGiggles

What happens when you have a white room and give children a ton of stickers?!

I'd also LOVE a set of these lights... Ohhhh the possibilities...if i get a set i shall post photos & review them for you...