Jane Foster 'Birds At Play' & Lion Prints

Yesterday, I had one of the nicest things happen! A gift from one of my favourite bloggers Jane Foster.

Jane had posted me the cute scandinavian looking ' Birds at Play' screenprint and the 'Red Lion' Screenprint. To say I was excited was a understatement!

I just adore Jane's work, check it out HERE , at the moment the prints are Buy One, Get One free, which is great as it's so hard to choose just one!

Also, be sure to check out Jane's WEBSITE (Pictured below) and BLOG, you'll become a fan like me.

Thank you Jane!

Miffy Touch And Feel

Miffy Touch & Feel book is so fabulous for little children who's attention span might not be great,
it's only a few pages long, it's robust thick card, and better than anything else, it has touchy feely bits on each page which all children I've read it to just love.

It's also a bargain at £6.90 on Amazon.co.uk

Dick Bruna Cirucs Pictures

My partner bought me Dick Bruna's Circus the other day, how adorable are these illustrations? 

Wish List

i love Bread & Jam clothing for children

Oh how I love Bread and Jam's children's wear. I wish they made womenswear.


Curly Hair Striaght Hair by Ed Emberly

What's wrong with Mabel Green?

I lay in bed last night, thinking for the 2nd night in a row, about a laundry basket.....
A laundry basket for goodness sake, I can't help it though, I just love the colour.
(Admittedly I  would ideally like two, one for my newborns toys and one for his laundry...)

I am trying not to shop.... as we are trying to save to set up our own business..... 

But it's lovely :(

It's made by Rice Homeware which is Danish I believe.

1970s LadyBird Big Book

This is a few pictures from a Vintage LadyBird book I have, I love the Zebra, if i had room on my feet i'd have it as a tattoo. ( There's a photo in my profile of my tattoos. )