Enjoying the autumn weather ..... Be back soon !

I thought id enjoy the last of summer & my birthday weekend outdoors. I'd packed all my summer attire away, so nipped onto Boden to grab some linens .

I thought I'd share a few photos of our picnic today .

Vintage Ladybird 'World' Book

I've been sorting things out for our holiday next Spring, yes I am organised! And decided to get out the children's books out to look through, to show my boys places we might see.

They don't know where we are going...

miserable day & pear orla kiely cushion

New work space & in search for THE chair....

Since I've been working from home the last few months I needed a new 'area' . We only have a tiny flat, and so I decided that the area couldn't take up too much space.

I have moved furniture around , (okay Mr Green did) and I now have this area, which is in my living room. I am unsure if it looks abit plain? I was going to have Ikea Lack shelves on the short wall that the Lack tower is against ( Yes i know it's wonky the sewing machine is pulling it to one side) , and have a huge notice board, but then it would have covered up the wall mural i bought from Pedlars.

So, I am now after advise how you'd improve this area , and also... I need a chair! I don't have a suitable one.


Huge Miffy Lamp Light

I saw these lights originally at,  OLIVE LOVES ALFIE

Check out the size of them here ........... they are HUGE

Check out the size of them here ........... they are HUGE

Vintage Fisher Price Metal Push Along

How cute is this ? I've had it a few years, and I still love it as much, my eldest still plays with it, but my youngest is obviously way too small!

I love the colours and the illustrations, so happy.

Lego Giraffe

My boys made me this the other day when 20KG of Lego was sent to us!

Orla Kiely Baby Mattress Topper.

My 5 month old son, hasn't been sleeping well lately- 2 hours a night- if i am lucky.....

BUT- he seems to sleep perfectly on my 'Pear print' Orla kiely bed sheets when I am in bed.

So, I decided to make him a Orla Kiely quilt topper out of the remements of fabric I had from making his Playmat.

I inserted a piece of 2oz wadding in between the fabric, leaving a 8" gap (of just the fabric) round the sides so it could be firmly tucked round his mattress.

To my shock, he actually slept a milion times better last night, he was only up 5 times apposed to the night before 23 times!!!!

I think he takes after me, prefering good quality bedding, apposed to the stuff you get from baby stores.

It goes really nicely with his cot bumper and matching baby sleeping bag. I am so glad I made it as his
boring pale blue sheets were starting to irritate me some what.

Oh SO Windy

It's oh so windy here!!!

I hope we don't blow away like Dorothy! I kind of like it though, when I was sat feeding my baby in the night, (several times, ahem!) I enjoyed listening to the wind rolling around the building, through the tree branches, and against the windows.... at one point I thought it was going to break the window.

I also like this weather, because it means Christmas is coming soon............

Vintage Miffy Dick Bruna Baby Blocks

Just a couple of photo's I thought I'd share with you, I bought these for my baby. So lovely.  

I think they are 1970s. Very lovely!!!

Orla Kiely Baby Toddler Numbers and Colours Books.

I bought the new Orla Kiely books for my 5 month old son yesterday, and they arrived today and I thought I'd share them.

They are called, " Orla Kiely Colours Baby Board Book"
and, " Orla Kiely Numbers Baby Board Book"

I would recommend buying them to anyone who adores Orla Kiely!

Miffy Fabric Book

Isn't this Miffy Book just adorable! It is super soft cotton, with flaps to lift, squeakers, morror bits, fluffy fabric to touch. Adorable!!!

Avaliable from HERE

Dick Bruna 'Family' Playing Cards

I love these playing cards, I've had them for years. I keep meaning to frame some, but my eldest son would be very sad, as he enjoys playing with them so much.

Dick Bruna Fabric Cloth Play House Toy....

I recently bought this from the Official Miffy Store. It's really lovely!!!!! It's soft and has windows, doors to open, and mirrors, sqeakers, rustling toys. A all round sensory toy!

Orla Kiely Baby Play Mat

Sleeping on the unfinished quilt that's folded.

I decided that my new baby Boy needed a playmat, the ones I had seen were so unsuitable it was untrue.

They are so thin you can't get comfy playing on them...
They are all made out of unfriendly on skin fabrics....
They look hideous in a well planned room colourewise....
They wash badly.....

My quilt has the opposite to all above, it's Orla Kiely bed cotton, is thick and bouncy from the way i've quilted it, and it looks great in our Living room, not sure about the latter, as it needs Bias and i've not washed it yet!

1970s childrens baby board book.

I am lucky enough to have two copies of this 1970s children's board book.
Concidering there is no Author or ISBN number on the book. I adore the pictures!