Orla kiely geranium candle & bath gel review

I received a Orla Kiely Geranium bath set & candle for Christmas , and have been using them a lot , given they are only small . They really pack a punch where fragrance is concerned .

I absolutely love them , because you can tell the fragrance is made from quality ingredients / oils and doesn't smell artificial at all . It smells like fresh cut flowers .

If I could , I'd have this candle burning day & night ! Highly recommended , a treat for your nose !

orla kiely and uniqlo

Orla Kiely has teamed up with Uniqlo again this season and produced some amazing , affordable items! I bought a few things last season, and I must say the quality is amazing. Really soft, washable clothes and really good on the old orla kiely purse too! Grab the latest collection now!

Petite pattern Kids & Toys book review

I've wanted this book for a while & since I am crazy about children's print designs, I took the plunge and bought it .

What it didn't know was it comes with a cd with all the images on inside the book cover . ( which is useful if you're like me & tend to loose CDs & they end up getting scratched.) It also has Adobe photoshop & illustrator instructions .

Some of the designs I felt were abit boring & thoughtless . But on the whole it's a nice book, one I like to flick through for getting my mind working if I've got designers block.

I also love the size & the way it has two dust covers to protect it as its not hardbacked .

There's also a few design 'projects' for you to do if you wish to , very basic , more for beginners.

Orla kiely bed linen review ( request)

Awsell as the bath towel request I received, I also was asked to do a review on the bed linen.

I have lots of the linen, Infact since getting my first set 2 years ago , it's the only bed linen brand we use in our house !

We have it on our kingsize& my 5 year old son Seth has the car print ones & our baby has sheets I made him( although we co sleep as he hates his crib) anyway ... I imagine you can see where this is going , review wise !

The colours are bright, and tend to last ok . Although I have found with my original grey large pear print where it has creased in the dryer or line the colour has disappeared in the crease line ! The newer sheets I have, haven't had this problem.

They are super soft & don't cause my partner problems as he has eczema issues.

They do dry fast.

The packaging is lovely!!

Heals have the new range too .

My top tip would be to keep a eye out on Achica as you can get 70% off the rrp.

Orla kiely towel review ( request)

Im back !!!! Thanks for all the lovely emails & Facebook messages I've received whilst taking a short break from blogging !!!! I had a request via my Facebook page to do a review on my Orla kiely bath sheets & towels .

I LOVE Orla kiely as you may have already guessed .But I have mixed feelings on these Orla Keily towels.

The good things;
the colour lasts wash after wash,
the size is generous , ( the bath sheet is the largest towel I've ever owned)
they are super super soft .
They dry you really fast as there is so much fluffy pile . ( let's be honest that's what a towel is there for!)
they brighten any bathroom
They dry fast, either on the line or in a dryer .

The negitives :

The pile pulls, When I say that I really do mean easily . As you can see from the Orla kiely car towel , the pile has pulled lots ! I got the Velcro from my sons tots bots nappy caught on it in the bathroom & it pulled so much of the pile out !

That really is the only negitive , other than the addiction of wanting to only ever buy these towels!

They also remind me of the towels my great gran has for quality . She's had the same towels since the 60s .... As a little girl she would wrap me up in one singing " snug as a bug in a rug"

I would recommend ! The new line has just come out at Heals also , check that our here !

I am Orla Kiely's biggest fan.

When I need to clear my mind, I like to listen to music on youtube, but tonight I found this to help me unwind before i start work... enjoy.

Junior magazine ( Orla kiely interview )

This dropped through my letterbox yesterday. I've just sat down to quickly flick through it ( back to front like i always do) and noticed there's Orla article!