Baby, it's cold outside .... ( and Inside!)

I love winter, but I do not like a baby who feels the cold and ends up with cold toes. ( Insert sad face here)

So, why not treat your little one to some wintery goodness? I especially need the quilt and the Gingerbread cloth nappy. (We only use cloth in our house. It's lovely for the planet and means I get to introduce even more colour into our son's wardrobe, if you've not ever used cloth it's never to late. )

1) Ferm Living Quilt
2 & 3) Tots Bots Gingerbread and Robin Print Cloth Nappies
4) Santa PJ's by John Lewis
5) Baby Sleeping Bag from Olive and Moss


  1. Thanks for your comment on my little blog! I'm loving your's its so cute and colourful! I also love your tattoos on your feet in your pic!x

  2. Thanks LittleTree! I love my tattoos too! I'm planning more... x

  3. OoooH how do the nappies fit? I'd love to try one!

  4. Thanks for this, i love the nappies! do they send them to the US do you know? I spend a fortune on clothies for my baby, have you reviewed one ?

  5. I would love to see your boys in those nappies!!!

  6. @Dolly Mama, thanks for your email AND comment!

    I've not tried them before, I'm just going through all the comments and varifying them, i think i need to switch so anyone can post!

    i will write a review if they send me some. x

  7. @Sammy Jo. I think they do send to the US... Maybe mail them and ask... x

  8. @beeston...

    Thanks! I'll post a picture if I get one! x

  9. with this stuff everyone loves winter!! :D


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