Been Busy!

I've been so so so busy this week! But I promise that I will be back on form this week!

  • I've been busy - Creating christmas jars, cakes and a Santa outfit for my son's school fayre
  • Busy buying loads of Orla Kiely things, to store up for when we move house in the next year or so (because My son is disabled we need a house with a lift in it - which is going to be like looking for a needle in a haystack!) 
  • I've been busy preparing for Christmas... have you? 
  • And busy looking after my boys , baby boy has a chesty cough, which is no fun, and bigger baby boy has had a chest infection. 
  • We've had builders in our home ALL week ( which they told me would take TWO days, and now they say it'll be finished next Tuesday they hope! )I don't mind though, they are amusing!
  • AND I am especially excited about receiving a portrait of me and our baby boy from Natalie Smith  who is my favourite illustrator right now!

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