how do you do it all?

I question myself, everyday If I am giving the things in my life the right amount of time.

Children, my relationship, work, and time to just 'be' are the things that I worry about most.
When I get into bed at night, I always have a zillion things racing through my head, new fabric designs, new ideas for my business, things I wish I'd made time to do. Things I need to do tomorrow.....

 I had a lovely (rare) catch up with my school Art teacher today for coffee, who I hadn't seen for many years, he said that he retired early as there is so much he wants to do in life.

I feel the same way, and I am only starting out!

I think that when your a creative person, you find it especially hard to 'switch off', or am I the only one who feels this way?

That said, we've made a new workspace this afternoon in our bedroom so that I can work late at night and still be near enough to quickly get to our son at night.

So please, tell me, how do you manage to get everything done?

Just to be able to write this, Little Mr had to be right next to me, not that I mind. I like nothing more.


  1. I by no means get everything done that I'd like, but I stay up until 12 or 1 am on a regular basis trying my damnedest!!

  2. I bet you get alot done then Jill! I have a 6month old who feeds constantly! So I try get sleep by then.

    How do you divide your time?

  3. I find it hard to switch off as well... and I am an obsessional list maker... when I was doing my final major project at uni I used to keep a notebook on my bedside table so when I woke up remembering something I had to do or with an idea I could write it straight down. i think my head would fall off if i din't have my lists!

  4. I too had a constant feeder! I used to use the computer 1 handed and feed her at the same time. I have to say now my daughter is 2 its a bit easier, although I finish every day wishing I could have got more done!

    I think the secret is - nobody actually manages to get everything done!

  5. Thanks Mudd Hutt,

    When I was at Uni, and starting my first company (which i sold) , I used to go to bed with a notepad and scribble in the dark! I feel like my head will fall off from tiredness! :)

  6. Aww Julia I can relate to that, luckily we momma feed so i too can use my other hand for using my mac- photoshop becomes a bit of a nightmare when im trying to scale things though :)

    Thank you for commenting, means alot!!! x


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